Why should I have my Sleep Study in an accredited facility?
  • At accredited sleep centers you will have confidence that the highest quality of care is being demonstrated and the most skilled physicians are caring for patients.
  • At accredited sleep centers you will have a clean, comfortable environment where your dignity and safety is upheld.
  • Each accredited facility must adhere to strict evidence based practice parameters ensuring the highest quality of care is maintained at all times.
  • At accredited sleep centers you will have the assurance of a knowledgeable trained staff.
  • At accredited sleep centers a diplomat of the ABSM is required to be on staff and review all sleep studies conducted in the facility. **
  • At accredited sleep centers a quality assurance plan is in place for all aspects of the sleep program.
  • At accredited sleep centers staff required to continually update their knowledge of sleep medicine by taking part in professional activities which allow them to earn Continuing Medical Education credits.
  • At accredited sleep centers the facility has relation-ships with hospitals and appropriate clinical specialties.
  • The staff at accredited sleep centers educates and informs the local community about sleep and sleep disorders.
  • The accredited sleep facility is among a minority of Sleep programs in the nation that comply with the high standards of care required by the AASM.

What is accreditation?
Accreditation is the process sleep disorder centers must voluntarily undergo to demonstrate it has met all requirements that are developed by an accrediting body. AASM accreditation standards are developed by diplomates of the ABSM. When a sleep facility is accredited by the AASM it must continually maintain performance that meets or exceeds accreditation standards.

How is accreditation granted?
Granting accreditation to a sleep facility is based on its compliance with the Standards for Accreditation. Facilities that apply for AASM accreditation must undertake a facility review that takes a full year to complete. The accreditation process consists of four major steps: 1) Application, 2) Review of the application and site inspection/evaluation. 3) Recommendation to accredit or not accredit. 4) Awarding of accreditation by AASM Board of Directors.

Accredited centers must maintain their accreditation through regular review by the AASM. The Accreditation Standards are continually revised and updated in order to ensure the highest quality of patient care in sleep facilities.

** A diplomat of the ABSM is an individual who bas passed the American Board of Sleep Medicine certification exam. There are numerous requirements to be met prior to qualifying for the certification exam. If you would like further information, please contact the ABSM at 507-287-9819.


Will my insurance cover a Sleep Study?
Yes, most major insurance companies will pay for a sleep study.  Your insurance will be able to tell you which sleep center is in-network for the best coverage or one of our insurance specialist can help.  If your insurance does not cover sleep studies we can work with you to pay private pay.

What will I have to pay to see a sleep doctor?
In most cases you will pay your regular co payment or a specialist co payment.

Will my deductible need to be met again in January?
Most insurance companies start your deductible over in January, so whatever you pay in December will not go towards your next year’s deductible.

Do I have to pay for everything up front?
You can make prior arrangements to pay you bills on a monthly basis.  Failure to pay will send your account to collections, which in turn will be reflected on your credit reports.