Doctors & Staff

Our Doctors
Our Doctors and Staff are a hardworking team dedicated to serving your needs and represent a history of Sleep Medicine research and practice that spans nearly 40 years. We deliver exceptional patient care and are focused on helping you attain proper sleep and rest.

Dr. Vernon Pegram, former center director now retired, is a pioneer in the field of Sleep Medicine and research. While in the United States Air Force, Dr. Pegram became interested in sleep deprivation and studied the optimal work/rest cycles in pilots. Also during this time, Dr. Pegram had the unique opportunity to be a part of the team that trained Ham and Enos, the chimpanzees who preceded Alan Shepard and John Glenn into space.

The professionals you will find at the Sleep Disorders Center of Alabama consist of:

  • Doctors of the highest caliber with exceptional training and experience who are concerned with the needs of their patients.

  • Sleep Technologists who will monitor your sleep and assist you throughout the course of your sleep study should it be determined that one is required.

  • CPAP Staff that is highly trained and able to assist in setting you up with the necessary equipment as well as answering any CPAP-related questions.

  • A Research Staff that is involved in sleep research and the development of sleep-related therapies and sleep aids.

  • Office Staff that are ready to assist you in setting up an appointment or answering your questions concerning our sleep center.

Whatever your needs, our capable staff will strive to make certain that you find the assistance and relief you’ve been searching for.