Business Office

( at the Neuro Diagnostic Center )

        Sleep Disorders Center of Alabama
        790 Montclair Road, Suite 200
        Birmingham, AL 35213

Call 205-599-1020 or 800-874-4948 between the hours of 8:00am and 4:30pm

Director of Business Operations
Chris Jeter

Office Manager
Kelly Snyder

Director of Clinical Operations
Wes Booth

Appointment Scheduling Coordinator
Cheyenne Wilson
205-599-1020 Ext. 100

Sleep Study Scheduling Coordinator
Denise Franklin
205-599-1020 Ext. 102

Medical Records
Beverly Adams
205-599-1020 Ext. 120

Insurance / Billing Specialist
Heather Thornburg
205-599-1020 Ext. 104

David Tompkins
205-599-1020 Ext. 111


 CPAP Staff

CPAP Specialist
Rick Preston
205-599-1020 Ext. 113

Jessica Cory
205-599-1020 Ext. 112

Research Staff

Director of Clinical Research
Wes Booth
205-599-1020 Ext. 122

Research Coordinator
Chris Jeter


Webmaster/Data Proc. Analyst
David Tompkins

Current Research Studies

Our center performs Research Studies and Clinical Trials to help determine the effective-ness of new drugs and treat-ments.
We are currently seeking participants for the following studies:

Adult Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Adult Narcolepsy

Pediatric Narcolepsy

For more information, check Clinical Trials and Disorders on main menu at top.

If you use CPAP . . .

Please be aware that CPAP equipment wears out. You should consider replacing your mask, headgear and hoses about every 6 months.


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790 MONTCLAIR ROAD, SUITE 200  •  BIRMINGHAM, AL 35213  •  PHONE: 205-599-1020  •  FAX: 205-599-1029  •  WWW . SLEEPALABAMA . COM